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• Point size: 0.5mm • Available in 3pcs set, one with assorted colours (Black, Blue, Red) and another one is black • Thermosensitive ink • Refill for Pilot Frixion Ball 3 Slim series • Important: Ink will become TRANSPARENT when expose to 60°C, Ink will reappear when expose to -10°C (for 2 hours) • Colour may not appear as solid as normal gel pen due to nature of the thermo sensitive ink • Usage Disclaimer: Due to the thermosensitive ink, Frixion series Maklumat lanjut
ASAL: RM11.90

SEKARANG: RM 11.90 (-0%)

AHLI: RM 10.71 (-10%)

Value pack Contain 1 Pilot 0.7 Wingel blue color gel pen and 1 respective refill Maklumat lanjut
ASAL: RM4.19

SEKARANG: RM 4.19 (-0%)

AHLI: RM 4.19 (-0%)

Oleh Pilot
Pilot’s V Board Master is a refillable liquid ink whiteboard marker. Extend the life of the whiteboard marker by replacing the ink cartridge (WBS-VBM) and the writing tip (WBTIP-VBM). Maklumat lanjut
ASAL: RM13.50

SEKARANG: RM 13.50 (-0%)

AHLI: RM 12.15 (-10%)

Please note that the color of this product will be randomly pick/select upon shipping. • The Pilot Fure Fure Sprinter is a slim sporty mechanical pencil that has a shaking mechanism to extend the lead. • With a shake of the pencil, a sliding internal weight activates an internal click mechanism to extend the lead. You don’t need to let go and re-grip your pencil every time. • It has a pocket clip and a built-in eraser for removing mistakes. • The sliding sl Maklumat lanjut
ASAL: RM6.99

SEKARANG: RM 6.99 (-0%)

AHLI: RM 6.29 (-10%)

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