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Transport Q&A

• What type of delivery option available?

Popular Online have 2 options of delivery method. 【Home Delivery】and【Store Pick Up】.

• How long will I need to wait for my delivery?

If the product ordered is in stock, the order will be shipped within 1-3 business days (excluding customs clearance time. For detail please refer to below table:
Delivery Method

Home Delivery ▼
In-stock 9 days
out of stock
Malaysia 30 days
Taiwan 30 days
China 65 days
Hong Kong 85 days
Store Pick-up ▼
In-stock 9 days
out of stock
Malaysia 30 days
Taiwan 30 days
China 65 days
Hong Kong 85 days

※During Malaysia National Public holiday, Festival season, and any unforeseen natural disaster that is beyond control by company, delivery lead time might be extend accordingly.
※For [Without Stock] items. Popular Online will place order with respective vendor from its sources origin country. But items have possibility of [Out of print] or any other reason that unable to fulfil by vendors, which will result in Sales Order need to be cancel / refund accordingly.
※For order consist of both [With Stock] & [Without Stock] items, delivery lead time would be calculated based whichever items with longer lead time.

E.g. A Sales order with 3 Books, 1 with stock (9 days), 2 without stock – 1 from Taiwan (30 days) and 1 from China (65 days). The estimated delivery lead time for this sales order is [65 days].

• Can I request to separate my shipping if my order has both status [In stock] and [Out of Stock] item?

Sorry, if your order is in one order number, no partial delivery provided.
If you wish to get the【In Stock】item first, you are recommended to separate the [In Stock] and [Out of Stock] item. So that we can process the ‘in-stock’ order first.

• What is the delivery fees?

Delivery fees as follows:

Home Delivery ▼
Qty Fees
1 RM28.00
2 RM35.00
3 RM38.00
4 RM41.00
5 RM44.00
6 RM47.00
7 RM50.00
8 RM53.00
9 RM56.00
10 RM59.00
11 RM62.00
12 RM65.00
13 RM68.00
14 RM71.00
15 RM74.00
16 RM77.00
17 RM80.00
18 RM83.00
19 RM86.00
20 RM89.00
Store Pick Up ▼
Qty Fees
1 RM18.00
2 RM20.00
3 RM22.00
4 RM24.00
5 RM26.00
6 RM28.00
7 RM30.00
8 RM32.00
9 RM34.00
10 RM36.00
11 RM38.00
12 RM40.00
13 RM45.00
14 RM50.00
15 RM55.00
16 RM60.00
17 RM65.00
18 RM70.00
19 RM75.00
20 RM80.00
※To purchase more than 20pcs or (Bulk Purchase), please contact our Popular Online service hotline 603-8961-0048 or 603-8961-0131 (Ext 103). Or Email your enquiry at: ecare3@popularworld.com

• Can my order ship to other countries?

Sorry, currently Popular Online Only Deliver to Malaysia and Singapore.

• Do you have a limit of purchase for stock-pick-up?

There is no limit on the quantity for stock-pick-up. But you are suggested that if you want to purchase more than (20 qty), please contact the Popular Online customer service hotline 603-8961-0048 or 603-8961-0131 to arrange the best distribution procedure.

• Is there a time limit for the store pick up? Can I request re-delivery?

As the Popular bookstore storage space is limited, you are suggested to collect your parcel within 3 months.
If item is not collected within 3 months, item will be return back to the Popular Online Malaysia. If you are required to re-delivery your item, you are subjected to additional shipping charges. The delivery fees are depending on the delivery option.

• How to change my shipping address?

Method 1: Checkout Page

Step 1: Click (Note 2) "Add New Address"

Step 2: Fill in the relevant information and click "Use this address"

Method 2: My Account

Step 1: Address Book Page, click "Add New Address"

Step 2: Fill in the relevant information and click "Save Address"

• What if I notice I have wrongly key in my delivery address after completing my order?

Please contact us via phone 03-89610048 (Ext:103) immediately. Shipping address will be change as per request, please be reminded shipping address could not be change after the parcel being shipped out.

• If my order is part of [In Stock] and [Out of Stock] item, can I get the item for [in-stock] items first?

Sorry, if your order has both in-stock and out of stock item, parcel cannot be shipped separately.
If you wish to get the In-Stock item first, you are recommended to separate the [In Stock] and [Out of Stock] item.

• I have made purchase online, yet I saw the same books available at physical store. Can I collect it at the physical store?

Sorry to inform, you are not allowed to do that. Popular Online and Popular bookstore use separate inventory account and system. Thus, you unable to collect your ordered items that is belong to physical store.

• How do I track my order?

Once the item is ship out, Popular Online will notify you by e-mail your order number, courier company information and courier tracking number.
You can also go to [My Order] to check your order status. Or, you may contact our Popular Online Customer Service hotline 603-8961-0048 or 603-8961-0131 [Ext : 103] to check with our staff.

• How do I know that my item has been shipped and arrived at the Popular Retail Store?

After your parcel has shipped out, you will receive a system generated [Shipping Notice], to notify you on your parcel status. Please bring your e-mail along as verification document to collect your item. You can collect within 9 days or as per the email indicate at respective store.

• What should I do when the store I selected as pick-up point has closed down or temporarily not available?

After you had completed your ordering, if the original chosen store cannot provide the above-mentioned services, Popular Online Customer Service will send a notice e-mail regarding to the changes, please choose your preferred store and reply to our customer service, we will arrange accordingly.

• Why I cannot find desired store for stock-pick-up?

If you choose the store cannot be found in the selection bar, the possible situation includes: store interior renovation, system settings change, store information updates, new store information has not yet update...etc. (not necessarily refers to the store has stop Business), please choose other stores.

• What should I do if I go to the store to pick up but my product is not there?

Please contact our Popular Online customer service hotline 603-8961-0048 / 603-8961-0131 (Ext 103). Or you can send an Email to: ecare3@popularworld.com so that we can check and verify with related store and parcel status.
※ This is to remind you when you arrive at the store, please show the [order delivery notice] e-mail to inform the store with the "recipient's name” (please mention the name as per indicate in e-mail. ※ As your parcel is fully paid for collection, to protect your benefits and to ensure it’s a genuine collection, please present your shipping notice and identification card as part of collection verification, while you approaching to the respective outlet for your collection.

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