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Service Note:

  1. Book Ordering Procedure:

    a. We will contact you for confirmation of book order details once we have received the Order Form.
    b. Delivery time frame after confirmation of order details and payment:
        i. 2 - 4 weeks for books from Taiwan and Malaysia.
        ii. 4 - 8 weeks for books from Singapore.
        iii. 7 - 10 weeks for books from the Republic of China.
        iv. 7 - 11 weeks for books from Hong Kong.
        v. Under normal circumstances, we will honour the delivery time frame as stated under the Service Note. However, there may be a delay of delivery due to unforeseen circumstances i.e delivery delay due to public holidays where most services are closed. If in any event there is a delay in delivery, we will notify you immediately.

  2. POPULAR Online currently will only receive book orders for Chinese titles only.
  3. POPULAR Online reserves the right to amend the Service Note without prior notice.
*If you have any enquiry, please contact Customer Service or [email protected]

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