International shipping FAQ

Registration Process

• Do I have to register an account before make any purchase?

Please sign up as registered user and enjoy your first purchase with Popular Online.

• Do I have to pay for registration fees as a user?

No registration fees charges for sign up user. A valid email is applicable for signing up an account.

• How to register as a Popular Online User?

Click on the top right of the page "Register"

Option 1: Registration Process

Step 1: Insert your email address and password (* password must be at least 8 digit and above, combination of alphabets and numbers.)
Step 2: Confirm password
Step 3: “Agree" by click on the “tick box”
Step 4: Click "SIGN UP" to complete the registration process

Option 2: Registration with FACEBOOK account

Step 1: Click the “Login with Facebook”
Step 2: Log in your FACEBOOK account

Purchase Process

• How can I Purchase Product?

Step 1: Click the product you are interested
Step 2: Click "Add to Cart"

Step 3: Go to Shopping Cart
Step 3.1: "Item already Added to Shopping Cart" message indicates that the item has been successfully added to the shopping cart
Step 3.2: Click "Shopping Cart" Button

Step 3.3: Shopping Cart Page
Note 1: Click "Continue shopping" back to the homepage and continue shopping
Note 2: To delete a product, click "X". To change the purchase quantity, enter the number on the space and click "Update Shopping Cart"
Note 3: Enter your shipping ZIP Code and click "Estimate"
Note 4: Delivery Fees / Postage Fees
Note 5: Click "Checkout" to enter the Checkout page

Step 3.4: Checkout Page
Note 1: Fill in Billing Address
Note 2: Choose the delivery method
Option 1: 【Home Delivery】, Fill in the Delivery address
Option 2: [Store Pick Up], Choose your nearest public bookstore shops

Note4: Estimated delivery time and fees
Note 6: If you have any (Promotion Code), Please enter it in this field and click “Use” to enjoy its offer
※Each order is applicable with one coupon code only.
Should any problem occurred while using the coupon code, please contact our customer services via email or contact us at TEL: 603-8961-0048/603-8961-0131
Note 7: Select the payment method and information
Note 8: Confirm the order information, tick "I have read ..." and click "Submit Order" to complete the order

Step 3.5: We will process your order as quickly as possible

※Please take note on your “order number”, to let you check on your order status at any time.

• How can I track my order?

Step 1: Click "My Order"

Step 2: Go to my order page to view the order status

※Reminder: To check your order status, kindly log-in to your account.

Popular Member Card

• Can I use Singapore Popular Member Card at POPULAR Online Malaysia?

Yes, it can be used at POPULAR Online Malaysia.

• What are the benefits of Singapore Popular Member Card at Popular Online Malaysia.

You will enjoy standard privilege as Popular Member Malaysia.

Popular Malaysia Membership card privilege as follow:
• 10%* storewide discount, except for promotion and nett price items.
• 20%* discount on Popular Choice, Popular Recommendation Titles and selected member promotion.

※All member price as indicated on item product pages and final discount price will as indicated as check-out page.

• How to link my popular member card?

Step 1: Click "My Account"

Step 2: Click "Link My Popular Card"

Step 3: Fill in the Member Card number and IC / Passport number and click "Submit"

• When I want to link my card, why the system shows “invalid card detail”?

If the system says "Invalid card details", please contact Malaysia customer service hotline to confirm your information 603-8961-0048 或 603-8961-0131 or Email

• My member card is going to be expired, can I renew it online?

Sorry, Singapore customers cannot renew membership cards through online. But, if you want to do so, you may apply at the nearest popular outlet.

• Can I apply for a Malaysia Member Card online?

Sorry, Singapore customers cannot apply Malaysia membership card online. But, if you want to do so, you are recommended to go to the nearest outlet.

• Can my Popular membership card link to different account at the same time?

A membership card can only be link to one account.

• What should I do if the status of my Member Card that I have linked before already expired?

If your card is already expired, you have to go to the nearest popular bookstore to renew your membership card, and re-link again.

Payment Q&A

• What is payment method accepted at Popular Online?

Popular Online currently accept [Debit Card and Credit Card], issue by VISA and MASTER CARD.

• Can I use all type of credit card, from any bank?

Popular Online currently accept VISA, MASTER CARD payment only.

• How my order or payment currency being calculate?

Popular Online product and postage calculation is in Malaysia Ringgit. The payment total or refund is based on the current exchange rate, it is recommended that you can check with respective credit card issuing bank.

• Is there any tariff for overseas shopping?

Each country has its import tariff provision. When the goods arrive the import country, that country will approve the tariff of the goods based on the category and value of the goods.
Each custom can do a random inspection and approve the tariff of the goods according to local regulation.
We will declare dutiable goods in accordance with its actual price. Each country has the right to approve tariff and sales tax of the goods according to its import regulation. If the country carries out sample inspection on that goods, the consumer will be responsible for that expense. If the receiver does not want to pick up his goods, then he will be responsible for the loss resulted from related expense, destruction of the goods, or return of the goods.

• Is there any cash on delivery service?

Sorry, we do not have cash on delivery service for the time being. You need to pay through online before we process your order.

• If my order has been complete can I change the payment method?

Sorry, our system currently unable to change the payment method. It is because each payment method is using different operating systems.
But, if you want to change, please e-mail the details to our customer service to cancel your order, and re-order is required.

• When I use my credit card to make payment, why it shows "authorized success, the order has not yet completed"?

This issue cause by interrupted network or the window is closed while waiting for bank authorization and payment processing. So, although the amount of the order has been authorized by the bank, but Popular Online still has not yet process your order or payment. What you need to do is, checkout again and complete the check-out process. This will not cause duplicate charges, please rest assured.

Transport Q&A

• What type of delivery option available?

Popular Online have 2 options of delivery method. 【Home Delivery】and【Store Pick Up】.

• How long will I need to wait for my delivery?

If the product ordered is in stock, the order will be shipped within 1-3 business days (excluding customs clearance time. For detail please refer to below table:
Delivery Method

Home Delivery ▼
In-stock 9 days
out of stock
Malaysia 30 days
Taiwan 30 days
China 65 days
Hong Kong 85 days
Store Pick-up ▼
In-stock 9 days
out of stock
Malaysia 30 days
Taiwan 30 days
China 65 days
Hong Kong 85 days

※During Malaysia National Public holiday, Festival season, and any unforeseen natural disaster that is beyond control by company, delivery lead time might be extend accordingly.
※For [Without Stock] items. Popular Online will place order with respective vendor from its sources origin country. But items have possibility of [Out of print] or any other reason that unable to fulfil by vendors, which will result in Sales Order need to be cancel / refund accordingly.
※For order consist of both [With Stock] & [Without Stock] items, delivery lead time would be calculated based whichever items with longer lead time.

E.g. A Sales order with 3 Books, 1 with stock (9 days), 2 without stock – 1 from Taiwan (30 days) and 1 from China (65 days). The estimated delivery lead time for this sales order is [65 days].

• Can I request to separate my shipping if my order has both status [In stock] and [Out of Stock] item?

Sorry, if your order is in one order number, no partial delivery provided.
If you wish to get the【In Stock】item first, you are recommended to separate the [In Stock] and [Out of Stock] item. So that we can process the ‘in-stock’ order first.

• What is the delivery fees?

Delivery fees as follows:

Home Delivery ▼
Qty Fees
1 RM28.00
2 RM35.00
3 RM38.00
4 RM41.00
5 RM44.00
6 RM47.00
7 RM50.00
8 RM53.00
9 RM56.00
10 RM59.00
11 RM62.00
12 RM65.00
13 RM68.00
14 RM71.00
15 RM74.00
16 RM77.00
17 RM80.00
18 RM83.00
19 RM86.00
20 RM89.00
Store Pick Up ▼
Qty Fees
1 RM18.00
2 RM20.00
3 RM22.00
4 RM24.00
5 RM26.00
6 RM28.00
7 RM30.00
8 RM32.00
9 RM34.00
10 RM36.00
11 RM38.00
12 RM40.00
13 RM45.00
14 RM50.00
15 RM55.00
16 RM60.00
17 RM65.00
18 RM70.00
19 RM75.00
20 RM80.00
※To purchase more than 20pcs or (Bulk Purchase), please contact our Popular Online service hotline 603-8961-0048 or 603-8961-0131 (Ext 103). Or Email your enquiry at:

• Can my order ship to other countries?

Sorry, currently Popular Online Only Deliver to Malaysia and Singapore.

• Do you have a limit of purchase for stock-pick-up?

There is no limit on the quantity for stock-pick-up. But you are suggested that if you want to purchase more than (20 qty), please contact the Popular Online customer service hotline 603-8961-0048 or 603-8961-0131 to arrange the best distribution procedure.

• Is there a time limit for the store pick up? Can I request re-delivery?

As the Popular bookstore storage space is limited, you are suggested to collect your parcel within 3 months.
If item is not collected within 3 months, item will be return back to the Popular Online Malaysia. If you are required to re-delivery your item, you are subjected to additional shipping charges. The delivery fees are depending on the delivery option.

• How to change my shipping address?

Method 1: Checkout Page

Step 1: Click (Note 2) "Add New Address"

Step 2: Fill in the relevant information and click "Use this address"

Method 2: My Account

Step 1: Address Book Page, click "Add New Address"

Step 2: Fill in the relevant information and click "Save Address"

• What if I notice I have wrongly key in my delivery address after completing my order?

Please contact us via phone 03-89610048 (Ext:103) immediately. Shipping address will be change as per request, please be reminded shipping address could not be change after the parcel being shipped out.

• If my order is part of [In Stock] and [Out of Stock] item, can I get the item for [in-stock] items first?

Sorry, if your order has both in-stock and out of stock item, parcel cannot be shipped separately.
If you wish to get the In-Stock item first, you are recommended to separate the [In Stock] and [Out of Stock] item. So that we can process the ‘in-stock’ ordering first.

• I have made purchase online, yet I saw the same books available at physical store. Can I collect it at the physical store?

Sorry to inform, you are not allowed to do that. Popular Online and Popular bookstore use separate inventory account and system. Thus, you unable to collect your ordered items that is belong to physical store.

• How do I track my order?

Once the item is ship out, Popular Online will notify you by e-mail your order number, courier company information and courier tracking number.
You can also go to [My Order] to check your order status. Or, you may contact our Popular Online Customer Service hotline 603-8961-0048 or 603-8961-0131 [Ext : 103] to check with our staff.

• How do I know that my item has been shipped and arrived at the Popular Retail Store?

After your parcel has shipped out, you will receive a system generated [Shipping Notice], to notify you on your parcel status. Please bring your e-mail along as verification document to collect your item. You can collect within 9 days or as per the email indicate at respective store.

• What should I do when the store I selected as pick-up point has closed down or temporarily not available?

After you had completed your ordering, if the original chosen store cannot provide the above-mentioned services, Popular Online Customer Service will send a notice e-mail regarding to the changes, please choose your preferred store and reply to our customer service, we will arrange accordingly.

• Why I cannot find desired store for stock-pick-up?

If you choose the store cannot be found in the selection bar, the possible situation includes: store interior renovation, system settings change, store information updates, new store information has not yet update...etc. (not necessarily refers to the store has stop Business), please choose other stores.

• What should I do if I go to the store to pick up but my product is not there?

Please contact our Popular Online customer service hotline 603-8961-0048 / 603-8961-0131 (Ext 103). Or you can send an Email to: so that we can check and verify with related store and parcel status.
※ This is to remind you when you arrive at the store, please show the [order delivery notice] e-mail to inform the store with the "recipient's name” (please mention the name as per indicate in e-mail. ※ As your parcel is fully paid for collection, to protect your benefits and to ensure it’s a genuine collection, please present your shipping notice and identification card as part of collection verification, while you approaching to the respective outlet for your collection.

Return / Refund Service

• In what circumstance I can request for a return of stock?

When you receive a defective item as the following situation:

• Missing Pages
• Printing Error
• Damaged item upon receive

• In what circumstances my item and books cannot exchange?

When the condition as the following:

• Intentional damage
• Clearance stock or non-exchangeable items
• For actual exchange, please contact 603-8961-0048 / 603-8961-0131 (Ext 103). We will handle depends on each unique situation.

• How can I exchange a product?

To made an exchange, you need to notify us within 3 days upon receiving the items, attached with damaged product, receipt or tax invoice along with order number. Our staff will do necessary verification and arrangement for the refund / return / exchange.

• Where should I go to exchange the product?

Once we have confirming that your item is returnable we will inform you through email to made on exchange at selected store.

• When I go to Popular Bookstore I notify that the same book is available, can I just exchange there?

Sorry, due to Popular Online and physical store have a separate inventory system, items are unable to exchange with physical store items.

• In what circumstances, I can request for refund?

Refund only can be arranged in the following circumstances:

• You have a valid reason to exchange, but stock unable to fulfill.
• The book that you order, Popular Online Malaysia or Supplier are unable to fulfill accordingly. Eg: out of print

• What are the refund option available?

Option 1: Popular Online E-coupon
Option 2: Bank Refund

Refund Process:

Refund process Particular
Cancel order / Out of stock order Due to personal reasons or Popular Online to cancel the order / order product out of stock
Arrange Refund and return method 1. E-coupon – reply for email
2. Bank Refund - Fill up the refund form and reply
Popular Online processing the refund transaction Popular Online process refund, refund time timeline, kindly refer refund processing summary
Bank processing the refund transaction. Bank process refund, refund timeline kindly refers refund processing summary
Refund complete Refund complete, Customer receives a refund

Refund Processing Summary:

Payment method Refund method Refund
Popular Online Refund Processing Period Bank Refund Processing Period
Credit Card Return to origin credit card account 1-3 Working days Up to 45 Working days
*The actual receipt time will depend on the individual bank operation.
E-coupon Email 1-3 Working days ——

Customer Order / Books Ordering

• Can I order a book that not available at Popular Online?

You can place an order through our special-order service.

Step 1: Click "Customer Order"

Step 2: Fill up the book information

Step 3: Fill in your information and click "Submit"

• Will Popular Online help me to order immediately when I have filled up the order form?

Actually, not yet. When you have submitted your order form, within 1 week (7 working days) Popular Online will contact you again to confirm the product and order details.
After confirming the details, Popular Online will takes 1-2 weeks to prepare the books URL and notify you to purchase and complete the payment. After confirming the payment is successful, Popular Online will help you to order from publisher. The process as follows:
Once you have completed the checkout process and the payment is successful, Popular Online will order immediately. The process as follows:

※After completing the order, for [Special Order] items, Popular Online will place order with respective vendor from its sources origin country. But items have possibility of [Out of print] or any other reason that unable to fulfil by vendors, which will result in Sales Order need to be cancel / refund accordingly.

• How long do I need to wait for out-of-stock and special-order item?

Out of stock / special order book waiting time as follows:

Taiwan and Malaysia order book takes 2-4 weeks.
Singapore order book takes 4-8 weeks.
China order book takes 7-10 weeks.
Hong Kong order book takes 7-10 weeks.

※During Malaysia National Public holiday, Festival season, and any unforeseen natural disaster that is beyond control by company, delivery lead time might be extend accordingly.

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