Order and Payment

How can I check the status of my order?

You can check the status of your ordered books by accessing ‘My Order’ from the top menu after login to your user account.

Can I amend the ordered quantity?

We regret that amendments to a submitted order cannot be made.

Why is my order cancelled?

Orders may be cancelled due to supplier out of stock, book out of print, or credit card transaction rejected. You would have received a call from our Customer Service for cancellation.

How will I be refunded for my cancelled item(s) / order?

You will be charged only when your order is complete and ready to be dispatched.

What is ‘Order Completed’?

After completing order, make sure the page showing your order number. You can review your order by accessing ‘My Order’.

What are the payment methods accepted?

You can pay via credit cards, debit cards or online-banking.
If you receive a SMS from your Credit Card company, this only means that your issuing card has given verification to seller, but the amount is not debited yet. If you cannot find the related order in “My Order”, or items are still in shopping cart, this means that there are some reason causing the transaction failed. Popular Online will not debit money from the bank. You can redo the payment procedure for the item in shopping cart. This will not cost you double payment, so no worries.

Is any bank credit card acceptable?

We now only accept VISA, MASTER and DEBIT card issued by Malaysian or Singaporean banks.

If my order is already completed, can I still change to another payment method?

Different payment method is processed by different system, therefore you cannot change the payment method directly. Instead, you can call our customer service to cancel the order, and then you remake the order.

One Time Password (OTP)/OTP Q&A

OTP is a password that is valid for only one login session or transaction, on a computer system or other digital device. A password will be sent to the registered phone number of card holders. It is generated randomly. Hackers will not be able to abuse the password since it is unpredictable, not repetitive and only valid for a certain period. OTP can prevent users' passwords from being impersonated and avoid any inconvenience caused by lost passwords.

When pay by credit card online, it pops up “Already verified. The order is yet to be completed”.

When members close the website window or internet disconnected while sending out their credit card information or waiting to be verified, the system will not complete this order. Therefore, although the order amount is verified by the bank, Popular Online don’t debit the amount from the bank. Please redo the payment procedure for the item in shopping cart, in order to complete the order. This will not cost you double payment, so no worries.

Note when you pay online via credit card

You will be charged only when your order is complete and the product(s) have ready stock.

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