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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my order?

Estimated processing time required is shown on the Product Details page. For ‘In Stock’ item(s), the estimated delivery will be 3 working days (Orders placed before 3pm)

Can I get the available books first?

No. If you prefer to enjoy shorter delivery duration, it is suggested to choose items that are ‘In Stock’ from our vast collection of titles.

Can I collect my order from your bookstores?

Yes, self-collection is available. You can choose from 91 POPULAR outlets all over Malaysia.

If I want to send an item for the other person, how do I change the information of recipient?

You can change the recipient information in ‘Recipient’s Information’.

What are the local shipping rates / postage? For local delivery, over how many order amount is free of charge?

Please refer to below table (Free Delivery Service Promotion until 30 June 2019)

Area 1 pcs 2 pcs 3 pcs 4 pcs 5 pcs 6 pcs 7 pcs Free
Main Cities In West Malaysia RM6.00 RM6.00 RM6.00 RM6.00 RM6.00 RM6.00 RM6.00 Total Order Amount RM 80 and above
East Malaysia RM8.00 RM16.00 RM20.00 RM20.00 RM20.00 RM40.00 RM40.00 Total Order Amount RM 120 and above


1. For most of the main cities in West and East Malaysia, delivery is by courier and the duration is 3 working days.
2. If the order is placed before 3p.m., delivery is within 3 days.
3. Above shipment fee/postage is inclusive of 0% GST.

How to collect books from outlet?

You can choose from 91 Popular outlets all over Malaysia to collect your items.

Procedure is as following:

1. Choose a book and click “Pay”, you will be redirected to a web page where you can select delivery and payment method.
2. Click “Collect book from Popular outlet”, select your preferred outlet, and complete all the other payment procedure.
3. When the order is completed, Popular Online will automatically send an “Order confirmation” to you by e-mail. In the email, there are all the order information and your order number, for you to check. If you find something incorrect, reply the email immediately or call us at 603 - 8961 0048 or 603 - 8961 0131.
4. Once the parcel sent, we will inform you to collect it from outlet by e-mail. You can also track the progress of your package in Member’ Area > Track your order.


1. Please make sure the seal of your package is not broken when you collect it.
2. If you need to change the collected book, please contact us, outlet is not able to perform this for you.
3. If you have a record of not collecting your package within time, we will temporarily stop you from using the service of collecting from outlet.

How many days it takes to deliver an out-of-stock item?

Hong Kong books (traditional Chinese): If overseas stock, about 45-75 working days. It’s advisable to purchase separately traditional Chinese books from other items.

Singapore books (simplified Chinese): If overseas stock, about 25-55 working days. It’s advisable to purchase separately simplified Chinese books from other items.

Local books (simplified Chinese): If local stock, about 15-30 working days. It’s advisable to purchase separately simplified Chinese books from other items.

※If the items you ordered cannot be delivered in normal period (e.g. Book is being republished or currently out-of- stock), we will send an e-mail to inform you. If an item fails to be delivered or runs out of stock, to avoid you from waiting, we will also inform you to cancel the item.

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