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Popclub Feb 2024

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作者 Soichiro Yamamoto
Hello, my name is Houjou. You may know me as the classy, mature and aloof girl. There’s nothing worse than looking childish when you’re already a middle-schooler, am I right?! Recently, this guy, Hamaguchi, seems to be showing interest in me---walking me home, taking me to couple spots... and it’s frankly a little thrilling...! But I can’t let myself show it. It’s oo cringe, and I’ve got an image to keep up, after all! 了解更多
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讲述的是在与世隔绝的孤儿院中生活的艾玛、诺曼、雷这三名少年少女展开越狱计划的逃亡奇幻故事 Ema (Minami Hamabe) lives at an orphanage with other orphans, including Noman (Rihito Itagaki) and Rei (Kairi Jyo). She enjoys her time there with Isabela (Keiko Kitagawa), who takes care of the orphans like a mother, but Ema and Noman happen to learn the dark secret of the orphanage. The secret is that the orphans are raised to be butchered and 了解更多
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